Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Stepping into the unknown

I can't believe I'm in the fucking freezer. I can't believe this is my life. I watch as Finn laughs joyously at the flour spilled on the floor, and how he can make it move and throw it around. His laughter echoes oddly against the sounds of screaming, groaning, thick wet thuds, and electric hissing.

I can't just sit here. I need to move, so I pace. I pace and pace and pace, until I trip, and I realize there is a trap door in the floor. My toe caught it just so-- where the fuck are my shoes? Goddamned hippies. We don't all enjoy being shoeless.

I put Finn behind a shelf of large sacks of grain, and nestle him into a bed of cabbage leaves. He is tired, and soon drifts off.

I move for the door-- this could be the way out, or the way to let them in. I pause, sucking up the will to move forward, and open the door.

There is nothing.

It is dark, it is damp, and there is a ladder going down. It smells a bit like waste, but there is no moaning here, and it seems like it might be a way out. It could just be a place to hide, but either option sounds good right now.

I have no light, so I wait minutes that seem like hours for my eyes to adjust. These are low tunnels, and they look to go pretty far in either direction. I follow along for a while, and find another ladder with another door. It appears that I have found the basement, and those zombies will probably be too dumb to get in.

Maybe there is a way out. I habe no time to explore further, as I have to get back to Finn.

He is still sleeping soundly, so I cover him in blankets and sneak out the freezer door, hoping the sounds of the battle from outside won't wake him.

As the freezer door shuts behind me, I see the chaos about me, and search the room for Tom. I see a toaster and grab it, what a fucking a weapon. A toaster. But, before I can get snarky, my eyes fix on Tom, who is being overcome by one of them.

I run, I leap, I bound, and I smash that fucker's head in. What a gratifying crunch. He was faceless and lifeless, and I think he was one of us at one point. He was also missing his shoes.

Tom looks angry, and asks about Finn-- I tell him I think I found a way out, Finn is sleeping, and we need to get out of here before they eat more of us.

With a few hollers and some fancy footwork, Sage, Juniper, Coriander and Hawthorne are heading toward the freezer. As I step over Jasmine, my throat catches. They were only dreams, but her kindness sustained me, and her lifeless body sent chills up my spine. Are there only 6 of us left?

Once in the freezer I collect Finn and tie him to me in a sling, and explain what I've found. We barricade the door from the crawlers outside, though it is unlikely they will get in, and begin to search for a light source for the tunnels below.

God, I hope we're doing the right thing.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Archive 7o-553-d >> Entry 9

Record Logging Protocol : Epsilon
Record # 7o-553-d
Chrono : Suffusion III

Descriptor : Communique
Classification : Oration[artistic]

Region >> Chicago,greater

Type >> Audio ; Voice
Delivery >> Portable Digital Recording Device

Primary Principal >> Chris
Primary Assumptions >> Male ; 20-40 ; caucasian ;

Secondary Principal >> Jen (alias:"Babe")
Secondary Assumptions >> Female ; 20-40 ;
Involved(primary,shared residence)

Playback Source File >> 7o-553-d_AR_0+0009