Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Giuliani for President

When the medic, Rudolph Giuliani heard the commotion, and when he learned that Stonewall had been infected, he went straight to his commanding officer. “Major Rossdale, Stonewall has been infected, Sir, and we have to save him. We have the means, please allow me to administer the vaccine.”

Rossdale turned slowly, “I am aware of the situation, son. Just as you are aware we don’t have enough antigen to create vaccines for all of us. You know we will only administer the vaccine when there are only enough of us left to exhaust the supply.”

Giuliani spoke, “but sir, it’s Stonewall…”

“Goddamn it to hell, Giuli!” Rossdale interrupted, “don’t you think I know that? Do you think this is my choice? These are my orders, and I do not disobey orders!”

“Sir….” He seemed to lose his nerve, but thought better of it and started again, “Sir, maybe there is no one left but us, and no orders left to follow… I just don’t want to lose any more men, sir.”

Rossdale pursed his lips, and spoke more quietly now, but just as sternly. “Giuli, I am just as broken up by losing Turner and Hooch as you are, but that gate crashing lunatic got the better of us. But you know damn well that there were nine other bio-contamination containment experiment areas in the states, and those are just the ones we know about. I don’t want to lose Stonewall, either, son. So, unless you’re the fucking President, and you’re here to change my orders, I suggest you pray that the vaccine takes hold of him before the infection does.”

Giuliani looked as though he would argue, but Rossdale turned away and held up his hand to dismiss him, and to indicate that no further pleas would be tolerated.

Giuliani walked quickly away, and decided that orders or not, he was going to save his friend. That night, he snuck into the kitchen, where the antigen was kept, and he stole a vaccine module, and inserted it into a hypodermic. He went down the hall toward the gymnasium, and waited.

He wasn’t sure what he was waiting for, but no doubt would know it when he saw it. He heard screams coming from the gym, and heard Stonewall banging on the doors. It was uncharacteristic for him to break that way—he had known stonewall since basic, and he never once complained—ever. It was too much for Giuliani to stomach, hearing his friend yell out like that, and he decided he could no longer wait for Coop to take that smoke break to get in.

He walked down the hall, and said “Hey Coop. Remember that favor you owe me? I’m calling it in.”

Cooper looked startled, but said “Sure, Jewels, what’s up? What ya doin’ over here, anyway? I hope ‘yer not outta smokes, cuz I am, too. ‘Bout ready to gnaw off my arm for the nicotine under my finger nails,” he chuckled.

“No, coop, I need you to let me in there—I’m going to save Stonewall.” He said as he showed Cooper the needle.

“Jewels… I got my orders, man. Shit, Does Rossdale know you’re here?” and after a brief pause, “you know I want to help him, too, man. But I just can’t let you in there. It ain’t safe fer none of us if I do.”

They eyed each other, and each saw steady conviction in the other’s eyes. Cooper looked away and said, “Man, don’t make me do this… don’t make me report you…” but he was cut off midsentence by a blow to his stomach.

Giuliani had attacked him, and was hoping odds were good that Coop didn’t have the balls to shoot him. They yelled as they fought, Giuliani to silence Coop, and Coop to tip off the night watch that something was going down.

But after a short struggle they were on the ground, and Giuliani had taken Cooper’s gun from it’s holster, and pistol whipped him. Before the blood even spread to the ground, Giuli was at the door of the gymnasium.

As he opened it, he saw stonewall go into convulsions, and pass out. He knew he didn’t have much time, and as he bent to administer the vaccine, Stonewall’s eyes opened. At first he appeared dazed, but after a moment his pupils narrowed, and he extended an arm to Giuli. By the time Giuli realized Stonewall was already changed, and that arm was not the friendly gesture he had hoped, his teeth were already sinking into his arm.

He sat stunned, as the infection coursed through him, and within moments, before he could even scream, he became one of them. Ironically, he was still holding the vaccine in his hand when he changed.

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