Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Best Corn in the World

It’s Monday night, and I’m at the Joliet La Leche League meeting. Finnegan, my 5 month old son is teething, and he’s letting everyone know it. So, we pack up and leave early. I call Tom to tell him I’ll be home by about 8, but he doesn’t answer. He’s either on the can, or left his phone in the car. I settle in for the drive home, and turn on Finn’s light up toy that plays ‘If you’re happy and you know it’ and hope he falls asleep.

Across from the office, I see a lot of teenagers shuffling about and hanging out outside, and am surprised no one at the church has called the police yet. They’re really not into loitering at God’s house. Or at least at that one. I’m surprised there is no bonfire or music playing, though. Is Goth back? Those kids were seriously pale. Probably a new kind of emo. Thank you, Hot Topic, for breeding a new generation of pseudo-counter cultural teens.

I’m feeling melancholy, so I decide to take the long way home. It takes me past the plant where my dad was killed, and sometimes I feel closer to him when I take that way. I’m looking for some time with my thoughts, and Finn falls alseep quickly. The poor little guy is so tired Ahh, just me and the road and my thoughts. The farm roads are nice and dark and secluded. If you’re happy and you know it... I wish I could turn that stupid thing off.

I pass Glasscock’s Farm stand, and it’s still open. Strange, they’re usually packed up and shut down for the night by now. My dad always said they had ‘the best corn in the world!’ I see some commotion in the farm fields. That’s strange, why are people congregating in the corn fields? Maybe there’s something going on at the race track.

They’re moving slowly, and I think they must all be drunk. Are they lost tailgaters? And why so many? They are all walking toward the street, and don’t seem to mind much that I’m trying to drive on it. I think I hear a strange low moaning sound over the toy... If you’re happy and you know it... They get closer, and I’m laying on the horn, annoyed.



I hit the gas.

I need 4 wheel drive, supplies, and Tom. I don’t have much time.

If you’re happy and you know it...

This can’t be happening. Joliet is already infected. I’m heading East.


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