Monday, June 18, 2007

Lock Your Doors!

This video was found in a camera that was lost during the panic. It is simply labeled “lock your doors!”

[The video starts out with the camera being turned on and then lifted. Two people converse throughout (referred to in this transcript as A and B). The camera focuses on a high rise about a mile a way. The building is on fire. Screams can be heard in the distance, there is also a blanket of sirens that continue throughout. The camera pans back and you can tell that this is being filmed on a balcony in a major city. The camera pans between two high rises, both are on fire.]

A: “Look at the smoke man, those people above that are fucked.”
B: “Yeah.”

[There are several shrieks that let out below and the camera pans down to see the road beneath the elevated trains. There are several people walking slowly and pacing below the train tracks. They wander with their heads pointing up. They occasionally shriek. The people look as if they are catching rain or snowflakes in their mouths. When the camera zooms in it looks like red liquid. As the camera pans up you can see a stocky man on the elevated tracks, holding a crowbar. His leg is bleeding and dripping below. The people down below seem to be trying to catch the blood in their mouths. ]

B: What the fuck does he think he’s going to do?
A: Get fuckin eaten like the rest of em I guess.

[The camera slides right and focuses on four more people walking strangely. They stumble on the tracks as if they don’t understand that there is a space in between the wooden ties. Every few feet someone’s leg falls in up to the knee and they fall, they struggle to get back up. These are certainly the walking dead. The man stands on a small section of the tracks that had no gaps in the ties. He holds the crowbar by the curve and had a grey piece of clothing wrapped around his left arm. The crowbar end is pointed out at the creatures as if it were a sword. His right leg is forward and his left leg is turned to the side as if he were in a fencing stance. ]

A: Who does he think he is? Fuckin Aragorn and shit?
B: I guess, what a dumbass.

[Because of the clumsy nature of the creatures the zombies come in slowly and in large intervals, instead of in a pack. The first one reaches for the man and he sidesteps while shoving the crowbar through the eye of the ghoul.]

B: He fucked him up bro!

[There is a sound of hands slapping and the camera jiggles a little. The man removes the bar from the creature’s head and swings at the next one. He comes across the side of the head with the iron, and it topples to the side, falling off the elevated tracks.]

A: [shouting out to the street] Whoop his ass dog!
B: Fuck him up!

[The last two are closer together. The first creature swipes at the man. He leans to the side, his left leg sliding out. The man grabs the zombie by the front of the shirt and pivots, pulling the creature off balance and it falls off trying to grasp at the man. ]

A: That’s what you gotta do man, use their own momentum against them…
B: Listen to you – Lucky I got John Madden up here to give me the play by play.

[slight pause]

A: Fuck off homes…

[The other reaches for the man but stumbles on the ties. His foot catches and he lands face first onto the tracks. The man stomps the back of the head repeatedly until the creature stops trying to get up. It looks as if the man is going to stomp one more time when there is a large shriek – it is unmistakably the breaks on a large vehicle. ]

[The camera pans back a bit and catches a bus traveling at a high speed swerve around the pack of zombies huddled below lapping up the injured man’s blood. The bus plows through a couple of them, while it skids out of control. The man on the track turns just and the bus slams into the support for the el. He is off balance and near the edge of the tracks. The jarring collision is enough to make him lose his balance completely and he falls off el. His back slams into the top of the bus his crowbar leaves his grasp but is still on top of the vehicle with him. The camera focuses on him for almost thirty seconds; he does not stir.]

A: That was fuckin lame.
B: Yeah, that dude was a bitch.
A: Yeah, he’s lunch now.
B. What a shame…. AAAAAAAAA

[The camera spins to see man B getting attacked from behind. A ghoul has bitten into his neck. The camera falls as the cameraman grabs the ghoul and tries to pull him off his friend. There is a slight struggle as the zombie will not let go of the man he is attacking. The cameraman grabs the zombie by the shirt and tugs very hard. The zombie lets go of the injured man and the momentum pulls the two out of camera range. ]

A: Wha….AAAAAAAaaaaaaaa…

[There is dull thud in the distance about 4 seconds later. The man who was injured holds his neck for a moment or two and then collapses on the floor in front of the camera. He bleeds profusely from his neck. His eyes close, and thirty seconds later they open again. His bleeding has stopped, he slowly rises and heads back into the apartment. The camera watches him as he wanders right through the dwelling. The shot is framed perfectly as the creature walks right out the open front door. ]

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