Monday, June 4, 2007

Elevated train disturbance, CPD, FDC - 11:54:07[1]

Chicago PD Dispatcher 1313: Police operator 1313, what is your emergency?

Caller: Yes, I am on the brown line heading south to the loop. We just passed a red line train heading south. It was stopped on the tracks. One of the cars had blood all over the windows and it looked like there was a fight or a stabbing going on inside…

[interrupted by the operator]

Chicago PD Dispatcher 1313: Do you remember what car it was?

Caller: Yeah – it was the second from the last car.

Chicago PD Dispatcher 1313: Where was that train located?

Caller: It was on the slope that heads to the subway. Just after the brown line Armitage stop.

Chicago PD Dispatcher 1313: And it was stopped?

Caller: Yes ma’am.

Chicago PD Dispatcher 1313: Did you get a clear look as to what was happening inside the car?

Caller: Not really, there was a lot of blood on the windows. It looked like someone was being attacked because I saw some bodies slamming up against the doors. It might have been a shooting of a stabbing, but I can’t be sure.

Chicago PD Dispatcher 1313: Did you hear any gunshots?

Caller: No ma’am – but the train here is pretty loud.

[Intercom on train: “This is Sedgwick, next stop is Chicago.”]

Chicago PD Dispatcher 1313: Were the windows in tact? Any bullet holes in the windows?

Caller: In my recollection the windows were all in tact. I didn’t see any bullet holes. You should be sending an ambulance along with the police though.

Chicago PD Dispatcher 1313: An ambulance, police and fire have already been dispatched sir.

[Interrupting operator]

Caller: because there was a whole lot of blood. If someone isn’t dead already, they probably will be soon.

Chicago PD Dispatcher 1313: What’s your name sir?

Caller: It’s Brian Ci*********.

[Intercom on train: (3 loud beeps) “We are being delayed because of signals ahead. We hope to be moving shortly and we regret the inconvenience.”]

Chicago PD Dispatcher 1313: Well Brian, is there any other information that you could give us that might help us?

Caller: I don’t think so. I would hurry though. It looked pretty bad.

[Passengers begin screaming in background]

Chicago PD Dispatcher 1313: Brian? Is everything all right?

Caller: Oh, Fuck me….

[Call dropped]

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